Alfredo Troise Vesuviana-Mente

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Curated by Giuseppe Ussani d’Escobar


Alfredo Troise could not help but be born on the slopes of Vesuvius, in the marvelous Spanish and Greek, mysterious and Baroque Naples that so many illustrious and unknown travelers have described, having fallen in love with it. To be a Vesuvian is to participate in the unpredictable nature of the famous volcano that towers over and rules the gulf as an absolute ruler … Thus are born the levitating and aerial “Suspended Cities,” swinging fishing boats on the waters of the gulf, which is nothing but an extinct crater; an urban dimension that lives on external and internal tremors and earthquakes, surviving millennia of history, crossing water and fire, roaring and whistling in its streets and alleys like the giant Vesuvius … Everywhere one glimpses Alfredo’s “Eyes” brave and playful witnesses of an apocalypse in the making, round eyes, seething eyes of Vesuvian magma, peering, probing and sly eyes.

Come discover the Surrealist dreamer son of Vesuvius!


Giuseppe Ussani d’Escobar
Curator of the exhibition

Alfredo Troise Vesuviana – Mente

DoubleTree by Hilton Rome Monti

from September 13 to November 13, 2024